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Russell Hobbs Textures Drip Coffee Maker

Russell Hobbs Textures Drip Coffee Maker

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The innovative Textures White Coffee Maker incorporates premium features and a striking design, perfect for the coffee lover that is looking for a functional yet stylish appliance. With the Russell Hobbs' unique built-in showerhead technology for an improved filtering process. This innovative function showers all of the coffee grains with water – not just the ones in the centre of the filter - to make sure all of the coffee is used. Because more of the coffee is captured and dissolved, you enjoy a richer tasting coffee and less waste in the filter. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, the Textures White Coffee Maker makes delicious coffee just how you like it.

Whether you are making coffee for yourself or for friends and family; it's your favourite drink to wake up to, or your preferred after-dinner tipple, the Textures White Coffee Maker has a carafe capacity for up to 10 cups. Its keep warm plate means that you can make lots of lovely coffee to enjoy straight away or to save for a little later. It also looks good in any kitchen, with it's attractive chalky matt and high gloss white casing giving this functional coffee maker a premium quality feel.

Pause & Pour

Coffee stops filtering into the carafe when it’s removed from the plate so you can pour without coffee spilling onto the hot plate.

Advanced Showerhead Technology

The advanced showerhead technology improves coffee extraction* ensuring every cup of coffee is a good one. Every ounce of flavour is savoured from the coffee beans and is distributed evenly, ensuring a richer, better-tasting pot of coffee.