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Deco O Max 54 Liters Complete Aquarium with Filter, Water Pump and LED Lighting, Black

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Deco O Max is a designer aquarium, allowing you to get close to the stunning beauty of aquatic life in beautiful, calm & natural ways that compliments your life style. It is also a terrific way to truly bring nature into your environment for your entire family.

Product Features

  • Magic Touch lighting – select day light or moon light, just by a touch on the top of the tank
  • Advanced HPLED lighting creates relaxing shimmering sun-like ripples in your aquarium Moonlight Feature with Blue LED, also nightlight for home
  • Uni-module lighting design incorporating the Touch Sensor, HPLED’s and electronics in a totally sealed single Glass module for years of care-free service
  • Integrated filtration system built into tank décor
  • Includes:
    • 54L/2.6US Ga. Deco o mini aquarium
    • 12V air pump, silicon air tube and filter
    • Gravel
    • Decorative rock and plant
    • Simply add water and fish